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Fragment right: Officer Machang

Fragment left: Officer Doubin a.o.

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Last updated: February 2015. Please contact us if you have further information.


latest updates:
- German copies of Helman prints 1-11 added (by the Academie Imperiale).
- Oilpainting of Ma Quan, 2a18 (Jinchuan campaign), added.
- More battle print auctions added.
- Model drawings 1.4, 1.9 and 1.11 added.
- Copperplate 1.4 and 8.2 added.
- Red lacquer panel 2.15 (Jinchuan Campaign) added.
- Bannerman painting Yan Jin Bao (Taiwan, 2nd 30 Series, Nr. 16) added.
- Complete first Taiwan scroll at iGavel NY, 23 May 2014, lot 3389535 (pdf)
- White lotus painting at CG, 17 May 2014, lot 536 (pdf), see Hist. B. no. 14.1
- Qurman painting (left side) at Sotehby's HK, 8 Oct 2013, lot 3073 (pdf)
- More battle print auctions added.
- Bannerman Burha, 1b29, added.
- Bannerman Tamanai, 1a44, added.
- another unidentified Bannerman added.
- Oilpainting of Ubasi, no. 1 Turgut - / Khoshout - Serie, added.
- Oilpainting of Bambar, Turgut - / Khoshout - Serie, added.
- Bannerman San Yinku / Sainku, No. 18 (Taiwan 2nd 30 Series) added.
- Bannerman Gao Tianxi, 1a22, added.
- Oilpainting of Aldanca, 1a49, added.
- Oilpainting of Sangqiduoerji, 1b4, added.

- Bannerman Eldemboo, No. 8 (Taiwan 2nd 30 Series) added.
- Muslim Rebellion battle paining Sotheby´s NY, 19/20 March 2013, lot 449.
- Sale of Taiwan red lacquer panel 1923 sales 3.10 and 3.11.
- More bannerman auctions.
- More auctions on conquest engravings and red lacquer panels.
- 17 officer paintings in their oil version (mostly from the Brill 1985 catalogue)
  Sotheby's HK, 9 October 2012 (pdf); auction cancelled, private sale.
- Cemcukjab (1b6) for sale again: Sotheby's NY, 11 September 2012.
- List of Officers: four new banner man paintings from the Hermitage added
  Cebdenjab (1a5), Boerbencha (1a20), Youtun (1a37) and Fuxier (1a45)
- List of Officers: Fulu (1b2) added, photo taken from resurfaced Qurman painting
- better image of the resurfaced Qurman painting uploaded, after restoration
- Literature: four auctions with presumably fake portraits added
- Literature: more Japanese literature, now in a seperate section
- Historical Background: another sale (year 2000) of the red laquer panel 2.1
- Historical Background: another Taiping painting (no.9) and two 2nd East
  Turkestan prints (no.8) added, sold at Christie's London, 10 May 2006
- Historical Background: present location of another 30 copper plates
- Banner man painting of Zhang Zhiyuan, No. 19 (Taiwan 2nd 30 Series)
  (not 2b19), offered at CG Beijing, May 21, 2011
- Banner man painting of Cemcukjab, 1b6, offered at Sotheby's HK, April 8, 2011
- Historical Background: Scroll 4 of "The Grand Review", sold 26 March 2011
- Historical Background: Painting 11.7., sold at Sotheby´s NY, 23 March 2011
- Historical Background: 10.5., Poly Auction Beijing, 12 April 2010, added


The Qurman painting was exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in the exhibition The Printed Image in China from 5 May – 29 July 2012.

Earlier, in 2010, the painting was exhibited in the British Museum, London, in the exhibition The Printed Image in China, From the 8th to the 21st Centuries
from 6 May – 5 September 2010.


The Meritorious Officers Portraits on Chinese Television CCTV 4

Portraits of more than 65 officers + 8 Dörbed Series + 14 Turgut Series online
(see List of Officers)

Past exhibitions on this subject:

2009: Exhibition in the Louvre, Paris:
Prints of Ideal China - When the Emperor Qianlong commissioned prints from Louis XV with catalogue
12 February - 18 May 2009

2007: The Museum of Macau / Museu de Macau 9th Sept.
The Conquests of the Emperor of China
9 September - 2 December 2007

2005 / 2006: Exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts, London:
China: The Three Emperors, 1662—1795
12 November 2005 - 17 April 2006

2002: National Museums of Scotland
The Qianlong emperor : treasures from the Forbidden City

1997 Hong Kong Museum of Art
From Beijing to Versailles : Artistic Relations between China and France
28 April - 15 June 1997


We are an open group of international researchers. By chance we have gotten knowledge of a recent extraordinary discovery in Germany which has determined us to create this website. Everybody is most welcome to contribute to this website and thereby share knowledge on this issue.

The subject matter is a resurfaced fragment, an original part from the left side of the famous painting Battle of Qurman from the great Chinese Emperor Qianlong from 1760 from the Hall of Purple Glaze. Up to now this painting was almost completely lost, only the right side of the original painting was known.

Total size of the original painting Battle of Qurman: ca. 4 meter high x 8 meter width

Fragment left: 68.6 x 105.5 cm; Fragment right: 388 x 366 cm

The painting Battle of Qurman was ordered by the Qianlong emperor in the year 1760 as a coproduction between Chinese court painters and European Jesuit monks and was hanging together with other paintings in the Hall of Purple Lights, the Hall of Fame of the Chinese emperors.

During the Boxer uprising 1900/1901 the Hall of Purple Lights was looted and most paintings are lost. From the original battle paintings only one single fragment was hitherto known, which is the right part of the painting Battle of Qurman in the archives of the Ethnological Museum of Hamburg.

To explain the historical context of this subject we have put a few important articles from the last millennium on this website for download (see Literature). If you have any comments for us or you object to the downloads please send us an E-Mail to

"He loaded his cannon on camels. People who heard their thunderous roar near and far submitted"

China Marches West
Peter C. Perdue
p. 305